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The Austin/Bastrop Church had its unofficial beginnings in the early 1980s. On Easter of 1983, a minister rotation was started in the Dallas area and continued on a twice a month basis. Shortly after this, Deacon Bro. Leland Plattner from Zapata, Texas wrote letters to people from church who were in the Central Texas area in an effort to find out if there would be enough support there for a minister rotation as well.  There seemed to be enough people who would be willing to come, so in 1985, the minister rotation was started twice a month in the Central Texas area to go with the twice a month services in the Dallas area. Over the next about 20 years, the Central Texas Church was held in the houses of attendees. Bro. Bill Zeltwanger’s house, The Darlington’s house near Houston, Brian and Terri Kaisner’s house in Austin , and Sis. Dottie Martin’s house in San Antonio.  The locations were varied so that no one person, in the very spread out group of people, had to drive a long distance every Sunday. Hotel rooms were later utilized. In the mid 90’s the minister rotation was bumped up to every Sunday, so that church could be held on a regular basis.In 1999, the group began meeting at the Quality Inn in San Marcos.

Over the next few years as the congregation grew with more families moving into the area, the congregation had a desire to have their own place of worship. Since Bastrop was a central location, a building was sought near there. And in 2005, after much prayerful consideration, and consultation with Elder Bro. Bob Walders and the North American Building Committee, a large house was bought with the intention to remodel and make a church.

With the help of the North American Building Committee and others, plans were drawn up and remodeling began in early 2006. Some of the remodeling included taking out a wall between two large rooms to make the sanctuary, raising the ceiling in the sanctuary, and retiling most of the building. Bro. Dennis Rassi from Fairbury, Illinois was willing to lead the project. Volunteers from the local congregation as well as many from across the land assisted Bro. Dennis Rassi, and remodeling was complete in short order. In March 2006, the building was officially dedicated and we began having services in our new church.

In 2008, Ministering Bro. Dennis Rassi and his wife Sis. Diane felt led to move to the Austin church from their home in Fairbury, Illinois. He was our first local Minister and the congregation was thrilled that he and his family moved here. It was at this time that we first started having Wednesday night gatherings. Up until then, we had only been meeting on Sundays because of the minister rotation. Later on as the church grew, Bro. Jim Meiss and his wife Sis. Candy felt led to move to the area. Shortly after which he was put in to the Ministry. Bro. Jim and Sis. Candy have been a great addition to the congregation, and they are greatly appreciated.