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HarvestCall is a ministry that falls under the authority of the Apostolic Christian Church of America. Its mission “is to equip and mobilize brethren to proclaim the gospel, disciple and nurture believers, and demonstrate the love of Christ with deeds of compassion.” While our local church has many ministries, HarvestCall’s purpose is to assist where these ministries develop beyond the scope of our congregation.

In the Bastrop, TX area communities, the Austin/Bastrop Apostolic Christian Church has enlisted the assistance of HarvestCall on numerous projects over the years. Certainly, natural disasters such as the Lost Pines Forrest fires and the more recent flooding due to Hurricane Harvey in 2017 have created needs beyond the scope of our small congregation. HarvestCall has provided guidance and funds for these rebuilding/remodeling endeavors. Since 2017, HarvestCall has also been sending a team of willing volunteers each year to work alongside our church as we execute Vacation Bible School in several locations to share the gospel with young people.

We have many reasons to be thankful for HarvestCall! It enables us to better fulfill our local congregation’s mission and fosters fellowship with the larger body of brethren across the nation as they travel here for HarvestCall related projects. Ultimately we are thankful to God for His provision that we can carry out His great commission.